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 subject: "04/30 : Maryland Mercenaries shut out Infamous 6-0"

May 03, 2017
9:50 AM

04/30 : Maryland Mercenaries shut out Infamous 6-0

Maryland Mercenaries improve to 2-4 on the season, while Infamous drop to 0-4.

This is the first time Maryland Mercenaries shutout an opponent this season. Coupled with a win in their previous game, Maryland Mercenaries has now won two in a row.

This is the second time Infamous failed to score against an opponent this season. The loss continues a 3 game skid for Infamous which now stands at 4 losses in a row.

This was the first meeting between these two teams.

Gametime temperature was a mild 73 degrees under mostly cloudy skies.

Next up for Maryland Mercenaries is Warriors (0-3). That game is scheduled for May 07 2017, 09:00 at EC Lawrence Park#2.

Infamous will face off against Huskies (4-0) on May 07 2017, 08:00 at EC Lawrence Park#3.

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