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Apr 10, 2011
regular season "Open"
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04/10/11 08:00
04/10 : The Truth pounds Infamous 28-0

The Truth improves to 3-0 on the season, while Infamous drop to 0-4.

This is the most points scored in a game this season by The Truth, and the third time The Truth shutout an opponent this season. The victory continues a 2 game winning streak for The Truth which now stands at 3 wins in a row.

This is the third time Infamous failed to score against an opponent this season. The loss continues a 3 game skid for Infamous which now stands at 4 losses in a row.

This was the first meeting between these two teams.

Next up for The Truth is Collision (2-1). That game is scheduled for Apr 17 2011, 08:30 at Hook Road.

Infamous will face off against Ligers (2-0) on Apr 17 2011, 10:30 at South Lakes Drive Park.


04/10/11 11:50

The Truth

04/11/11 00:30
Good job fellas, see u next week.


04/11/11 11:09
guys are looking good, a few new athletes I`ve noticed


04/11/11 11:50
Dude, they beat up on two terrible teams. That division is painfully weak.


04/11/11 11:52
Who has the powerhouse division?


04/11/11 11:54
are u saying they looked bad against to weak teams, I`m confused lol


04/11/11 11:56
North and East both have 3-4 solid teams, you donk.

You must play in

04/11/11 12:16
The north or east. Wolves and Pens not Rhinos this year. Scavs and Pains, United flop once the big boy teams show up.

Stinky Pinky

04/11/11 12:19
Ligers or Truth would be #4 in either of those divisions.

The Truth

04/11/11 12:41
East: Wolves, Pen, West:Truth, Collision

North:Pain, Scavs South:Lazy, Outcast

that`s your true A teams with the south being the weakest and north the strongest


04/11/11 13:06
North??? See the homepage, Wolves defending A Champs, Pens current State there any question...


04/11/11 13:39
yes there is a question, you know there was a fall season right?

The Truth

04/11/11 14:38
Theirs a hand full of states teams that are good as our "A" teams, how do I know I was their outcast stonecold banditos truth pen were all sticking it to them, states gets no bonus points from me, sorry this is the iffl baby, live with it! we play ball here, Dmob primetime pt7 and maybe several other standout team of about 50 teams that played in states, just because those teams played in it doesn`t make the other teams official, we had about 4 teams in the final 12

maybe in b

04/11/11 14:50
this league has some good teams. bottom line is northern va doesn`t have a top 5 state tourney team. haven`t for years...


04/11/11 14:59
Truth are like a better Ligers. Constantly improving, much better team than they were a year ago BUT still can`t compete with the top A teams.

The Truth

04/11/11 15:56
the truth are on the levels of collision and pen, as for as the ligers, they have won on whatever levels they have played on

re: ^^^

04/11/11 17:56
sure i know there was a "fall season" ...clearly your an educated man and know the difference between spring and fall...hence the Wolves` picture on the homepage


04/11/11 17:57


04/11/11 18:11
you get no points for winning states however you mention how strong "we"...with 4 teams in the top 12...why didnt the other 3 go farther, somebody outside of NoVa beat them...the teams you mentioned in States...The Truth 1-1, SC 3-1, Banditos 2-1, Outcast 2-1, Pens 5-0...should we say iffl "balls"


04/12/11 01:43
can say that states changed my mind and opinions of some of our own teams, and the level of outside competition

This years

04/13/11 14:54
states will show you what was meant by crudeboy, not one iffl team loss by a large margin in states, our teams are pretty damn good I back that one.

Teams like Scavs, Pen, Wolves, Truth, pain, and collision, these teams can bang with the best of them

You do know

04/13/11 15:29
that outside of Scavs and Pain none of the teams you mentioned have ever played for, let alone won, an A/Open title.


04/13/11 15:30
meant to say Scavs and Wolves.

The Penetrators

04/13/11 15:31
We`re gonna have to put more teams in "A" States before we can start saying that. Hopefully with States being in Fairfax this year, more teams will sign up and more teams will go A.

TC/Scavs, Wolves, Pens, 7pt, Spartans, Novacaine, Magnums, Collision should all go A if they decide to go. Anybody who thinks they`re better then the Pens should go A too then. That could be truth, pain, lazy.

Until someone can put a decent run together in the "A" Bracket. We`re still a good "B" league top to bottom.
We`ll see.

Al Bundy
The Truth

04/13/11 15:34
We`re seriously debating playing `A` in States this year. We`ll just have to see how the rest of the year goes first though.

Come on Phats!

04/13/11 15:37
Al, you have to be kidding. There is no all, that The Truth has ANY right of playing A in states. Sorry Phatty, but your team is just not that good.

The Penetrators

04/13/11 15:52
I agree with Bundy. Truth is capable of beating the Pens. Pens have to play A. So why couldn`t Truth play A at states. Not saying they would have a chance to win there against DMOB, Firm, or Gunz. But We need to start seeing how our teams compared to the rest of the A bracket too.

Winning B states shows you can become a consistant team at a high level. Competing at A will force you to bring your A game every game just to compete.

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